Control system migration using existing field wiring

At the beginning of any controls migration project is the debate over minimizing field wiring changes versus the advantages of all new/different cabling.   Since each project is different, there isn’t a “best way” for all projects.    This post provides examples of control system upgrades that re-use existing field wiring.  

The first video describes a changeover in the late 1990’s from a Honeywell TDC2000 system to a Foxboro I/A system.    In this design, the old Honeywell Basic Controller card-cage/backplanes were used to house the new Foxboro cards.    This video was included because several current projects involve the replacement of the Foxboro I/A equipment, and many control engineers aren’t aware that this Foxboro-in-a-Honeywell-backplane design exists.

The next group of videos are listed by migration type:

Honeywell TDC 2000/3000 system to an Emerson Delta V system.

Bailey to Emerson Delta V migration.

Bailey to Rockwell ControlLogix migration.

PLC5 to ControlLogix migration.

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